Dovetail- Shop Pant Vintage Stripe Denim

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Women’s Vintage Maker Pant

  • EZWaist™. Give and take.
  • Button fly. Trad style.
  • Hip Slot™. Just clip it.
  • Zip pocket. Don’t lose your shit.
  • 2 oversized coin pockets. Bring it.
  • Crotch gusset. Free the squat.

Freestyle it. You’ve got that vintage maker pant mojo.

A work pant that doesn’t scream “work pant.” That’s what our bike shop owner buddy, Leah, asked for. She’s not the only one who wants a street pant with tons of functionality on the down low. Our striped Shop Pant is like the great-granddaughter of vintage jeans, mashed with slouchy skater style, and tricked out with 11 pockets. We intentionally dropped our signature double-front thigh panels for those who need a maker pant. No rivets, no scratch. Does that make them wimpier? Hell no. We strengthened the fabric with a super strong—and sustainable—fiber. So fix that bike, or cobble that shoe. You look laid back, but you’re hardcore.