About Us

What we do:

We don’t only sell the best quality outdoor goods we can get our hands on (though, we do that). We’re here to outfit you and inspire you for your next adventure. We know that adventure is a large spectrum. Whether you are a single guy heading out for an annual camping trip with your crew, a girl excited to get out and hike, a college student planning a road trip, or a young parent wrangling your tribe at the park we want you to be prepared, encouraged, and successful. 

That’s where the products come in. 

We carry an array of goods to inspire you to #adventureout. When you walk in the door, we want you to find a product to suit your current adventure and spot a product that sparks your interest for embarking on another one! 

Business man to college student. Young family to empty nester. Barista to stay at home mom.  Your adventure may look different from all those around you. GOOD. That means you are blazing a new trail. 

Let us be a part of it. 


Who we are:

Meet Jonathan:


Director of Business

Since Jonathan moved to Stephenville he has had a desire to do something different. Once he married his lovely wife Bromwyn, he knew he had someone on his side and in his corner. 

In 2016 he decided if there ever was a time, it was then. 

He started bouncing the idea around of starting a business, not getting much traction. Drawing closer and closer to graduating with his MBA, it seemed like maybe it was nothing but a pipe dream, until he pitched it to his friend Jahmicah.

Let’s start a business. Let’s carry top of the line goods. Let’s inspire and encourage people to get out there (wherever ‘there’ may be) and let’s do something to impact the culture.

Jonathan has a heart for people that is unmatched. His ultimate goal in life is to see people receive true joy and to achieve a fullness that comes only from the Lord. Now, with a baby on the way, he is excited to see this company grow. His vision for SlimPickins Outfitters is that people leave encouraged and empowered to take on the great outdoors. 


Meet Jahmicah:


Creative Director

Jahmicah moved to Stephenville in 2004 to attend Tarleton State University and liked it so much he decided to make it his home. He is now a “townie” with his wife Heather and their pup, B!ll Mvrry. 

Jahmicah sees the beauty in Stephenville and has wanted to make it as appealing to other men and young families as it is to him, so when Jonathan approached him with the idea of SPO it helped an idea that had been rolling around in his creative brain come to fruition. 

One of Jahmicah’s pillars of style is “Form Follows Function”. He is pleased to say they will be carrying only the best. Items that are well made, functional, and attractive all in one are hard to find, but he takes pride in finding them and offering them to our customers. 

Overall for Jahmicah, it’s about the people. Ministry is a way of life and that’s the way that Jahmicah intends to spend his time at SlimPickins Outfitters. His vision for SPO is that people leave knowing who they are and who they serve and where they are going (both temporarily and eternally). 


Meet J.W.


J.W. Weiss is the ultimate good guy. Like call him in the middle of the night when your car is broken down good guy. Like drops by when when you’re scraping adhesive off of a tile floor to see if he can help kind of good guy. 

Every tribe needs a good guy, right? 

Well, we have ours.

J.W. does anything and everything to make SPO a success.  From running the shop to running a broom, he is the kind of person you just trust to get the job done and to do it better than anyone else. 

An excellent student, disciple maker, and friend, we are more than excited to have Mr. Weiss on our side and in our corner.

 Where we are: