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"Genesis" Black History Pocket Tee

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"The Genesis" all comes full circle. Embracing the Pan-African colors with the pennant design you've come to find synonymous with Slim Pickins Outfitters. This circle badge design is printed on the pocket of a heavy weight Comfort Colors Tee.

Shirt is a pre-order and will be printed upon purchase.


With this collection we wanted to show the Identity of Slim Pickins Outfitters as the focal point of designs. 

We are an outdoor retailer, forged by untraditional efforts by an untraditional group of people. Yet, we are still outdoors unapologetically, we are black owned unabashedly, and we are part of the changing landscape of those who recreate outdoors now. We are part of a lineage of those that have cultivated,stewarded, and protected the outdoors for millenia.

During the conceptual stage of designs we intentionally wanted to reflect the influence of hip-hop and celebrate it’s 50 years of impact. The patrons of this creative genre are the people that protect and conserve these public spaces. Black people both new and old that love to be outdoors and won't surrender that passion to conform to societal norms, cultural expectations, or toxic narratives like “Black People dont go outside”.  We are returning to one of our first loves, skills, and passions. And Repping The SPO x BHM cOLLECTION WHILE DOING IT.