Otter Mountain


In 2015, I (Mark) was let go from a job that I thought and still think I was good at.  Cue the stress, anxiety and financial burdens that go along with being “Let Go”, “Fired”, “RIF’d”, “Downsized”, etc., etc.  It doesn’t matter how it happens, or what it’s called, or what the reason is – the feeling of inadequacy and loss is the same.

SIDE NOTE:  For years, (ever since my first taste of Creede, CO in my 20s) I have loved hiking, getting into the mountains, setting up a hammock and breathing in the fresh air.  From having the opportunity to attend some school in Boulder, CO, to traveling various parts of New Mexico and Colorado, I’ve had the chance to explore some beautiful areas of creation. 

BACK TO THE STORY:  In various leadership and HR positions over the years, I’ve always tried to encourage others to follow their passions and to chase their dreams.  The problem, I never took my own advice.

It took a painful experience for me to begin to chase my own passions.  Little by little, learning one new thing at a time, working late nights and quick lunches, each time taking one new thing away.  When everyone else saw no progress, I saw traction.  From 20+ years in the banking industry to learning graphic design, production, website building, and so on.  This with a family and full-time job.  

I say this only as proof that no matter where you are in life, you can chase your dreams too.

The problem is that often we let others dictate our future, good or bad.  

God has given each of us a unique set of talents and abilities to positively impact those around us.

Let’s use those gifts to do cool things, dream big, explore and make a difference.

Here’s to the journey …..

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