The Story of Origins

The Story of Origins

Red. Yellow. Green.

Black History Month.

Pan African Pride. 

Jamaican Heritage. 

The colors listed above signify all of this and more here at SPO. 

Jahmicah is the son of a Jamaican Immigrant. His father came to the US in his adolescence and moved to Connecticut where his parents had settled. 

A story of true grit, courage, and integrity Jahmicah’s paternal grandparents became business owners, first in Connecticut and then later owned a farm in Florida. While other members of the family were business owners as well, Jahmicah has always held a special connection with that Florida farm and his summers spent there with his siblings. His tough as nails grandmother (Grandmudda if you come from the island) defending the kids with a machete when they encountered a snake while also making porridge that still brings back a craving. His grandfather, with strong convictions and work ethic, also begging his youngest to “please shut up, child. I’m watching the news,” a common joke amongst the Dawes siblings.  

(From left to right: Jahmicah's maternal Grandma Franciel Tooks, Jahmicah's Mom Cheryl, Jahmicah's dad "POPS", Jahmicah's paternal grandparents Grandma Murtle and Ivan "DaDa" Dawes)

Those Florida summers laid the foundation for what Slim Pickins Outfitters has become. 

(Jahmicah "Slim Pickins" Dawes, Jahmicah's oldest son Silas Dawes, Jahmicah's dad Locksley "POPS" Dawes, and Jahmicah's older brother Jahdai Dawes")

If those summers are the foundation, there are many instances that created the frame, the walls and the roof. 

Jahmicah grew up the son of business owners. His mother practiced Physical Therapy and was often one of the only, if not only, Black Therapists. His maternal grandmother also owned her own business. Selling at shows and events. 

(Grandma Franciel)

Jahmicah’s maternal grandfather and uncle marched on Washington and were activists for social change. His older brother (the oldest of four) led the way at their mostly white Texas school. Teaching him to be bold while always practicing humility. 

(Jahmicah's Maternal Gandpa Curly King, and his brother Aurthur " Uncle Flop" King)


The example of his mother and grandmother, the frame. The social fight of his grandfather and brother, the walls. 

In his college years Slim Pickins Vintage was born. The first foray into business and where Jahmicah truly unlocked a passion. Slim Pickins Vintage was the final touch, the roof if you will. A bonafide brick and mortar store. 

Slim Pickins Outfitters.

The first of its kind. 

Black-Owned Outfitter. 

The son of a Jamaican Immigrant, making Black History. 

There’s a lot of story behind the red, yellow, and green.