#AdventureOut Welcome to The SPO Campgrounds

#AdventureOut Welcome to The SPO Campgrounds

Welcome, fellow adventurers!

Slim Pickins Outfitters (SPO) is excited to #adventureout into the realm of blogging. We know that there is more than one definition of adventure, so whether you’re an avid camper, explorer, hiker, kayaker, runner, reader, fisherman, entrepreneur, mother, father, believer, nonbeliever, we want to hear from you. We want to know about your adventures, your tips and tricks, favorite products, mishaps, and more.

What to expect from us

We want you to feel like family, because that’s what you are to us. If you ask Jahmicah or Jonathan, Slim Pickins is founded on love and fellowship, so our primary goal is to live out that mission. In this blog, we hope to share with you not only the perks of our products, but our own life adventures as well. The two main writers you’ll “hear” from include Jahmicah’s bride and better half, Heather, and Rhyland, content writer and friend and supporter of SPO. But we want to hear from you, too.

Topics we plan to address

  • Great untold adventures
  • How to prepare for an upcoming trip
  • What went wrong
  • Tips and tricks for adventure-goers
  • Adventure outfitter product reviews
  • And more—Just submit your ideas.

Guidelines for interaction

Again, we are a faith-based community, but anyone is welcome to comment and submit blog posts for review. Please feel free to disagree, but always be respectful and abstain from profanity. Keep comments relevant to the conversation.