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Fellowship of the Flies: Fishing Event Registration

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This fly fishing event will include the following:

  • IG/FB live event on Friday Evening (Oct. 23rd) covering how to fish these local waters through the fall & winter months
  • Hands-on instruction and in-person fellowship with Fatties on the Fly
    • Saturday @ 7:45 a.m. @ Hwy 16 Bridge at Possum Kingdon
  • Coffee from Whiskey Morning Coffee 
  • Beignets by Strawn Cakes and Bakes
  • Fellowship of the Flies Sticker
  • One entry for the Fellowship of the Flies Raffle 
    • Whiskey Morning Coffee
    • Fatties on the Fly Swag Pack
    • $25 Gift Certificate from SPO 
      • = $75 in value

We are excited to see you fellowship with you out on the water!