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Fellowship of the Flies (Fathers, Fishing, & Freedom)

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To commemorate Fathers Day, Juneteenth, and national "Go Fishing" day. "Fathers, Fishing, & Freedom"

SPO and Fatties on the Fly are putting together another day on the water, so come join us!

For both the skilled fly angler or the person who doesn't know the difference between a woolly booger or those things up your nostrils we want you out here with us.

We will cover the basics of reading your water, fly selection, and casting. We'll have rods for you to use!

Tickets to Saturday's event are free with the purchase of a Friday night ticket. For Saturday-only; tickets are $25 per person.

This is a great opportunity to spend with your dad, father figure or that person that has been there through the thick of it.

We cant wait to share the water with you!