CRAwDADDY'S Pinch Hats

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The revival of the retro rope hat started as a creative outlet for our founders, Mike and Ashlyn Barnette. With Mike's inexplicable lifelong desire to resurrect the "peepaw hats" from the 1980s combined with Ashlyn's family ties to Louisiana, CRAwDADDY'S PINCH HATS was born.

As proud parents of three, curating their life in a way that allows them to spend as much time as possible with their children is a top priority for Mike and Ashlyn. That desire led them to establish CRAwDADDY'S, their first LLC, so they could build something together as a family. They're committed to high-end hats and top-notch customer service so they can deliver an excellent experience to you, every time.

Mike, Ashlyn, Finnley, Fritch, and Ford reside in Small Town, Texas.