Fellowship of the Flies

SPO x Fatties on the Fly


Fellowship of the Flies


SPO has partnered with Fatties on the Fly to provide fly fishing excursions. Be sure to follow us on social media and check back here to join our next session!

In the last 5 years Fatties on the Fly and SPO have cultivated a relationship of adventure. With the focus on fly fishing, we hope to broaden awareness and spur on the conservation conversation, which we believe are fostered through momentous and experiential events. You have a better connection with the land 7 water when you experience the land & water; but you are more likely to fight for and advocate for the land &water when you have experiences on the land & water.

Fellowship of the Flies aims to get more people out on the land water, and we aim for those people to be diverse. That is the way that we see the conservation conversation continuing to be had and relevant; because they are hade in more diverse circles that are continuing to grow and be relevant. 

Enjoy a half, full day, or overnight guided wade or float trip in some of North Texas most beautiful rivers and creeks. You will get a chance to catch over 10 species of fish all while surrounding yourself with some of the best scenery this part of the state has to offer.

Our guides are for beginners all the way through advanced. Upon booking your guided trip you will be asked a series of questions to best prepare your guide as to your expectations.

Booking an adventure through SPO will take place on the Paluxy and Brazos rivers near Glen Rose, Tx. Book your guide by clicking on the booking now button. You will meet your guide Ben at Slim Pickins Outfitters Shop, 200 W. Washington St. Stephenville, TX 76401 .

All fly rods and flies will be provided. If booking a full day guide you will have the option of having lunch provided or bringing your own sack lunch. If you have any dietary restrictions, please explain so in detail during check out.

You will also have the chance to purchase merchandise, flies etc. to take home or on your trip. Not sure what you need? No worries, Ben will get you outfitted properly. But here is some advice for your trip:

Please be mindful of any and all containers you bring to the river and leave the glass at home. Also, be mindful of the pack in, pack out rule, and dispose of any waste responsibly.

Packing well, for a new trip can be a challenge and having the right gear is essential to having a successful trip. Please refer to our checklist. We’ve done this for a while, and we know how important some of your gear is to you. But save yourself the stress and pack efficiently by keeping in mind that you don’t need to bring it all.

● Rain jacket

● River shoes: Something that will prevent sand and gravel from getting in but will protect your toes from the river rock

● Clothing: Layers, Texas can have large temperature swings.

● Hat, wide-brimmed, for sun and eye protection

● Polarized sunglasses

● Sunscreen, SPF 20 or higher

● Keep an eye on the weather. Your guide will be in contact before your trip and will notify you of any changes.

● NON-FISHING ATTIRE: We recommend bringing a beach towel and a set of dry clothes to change into at the end

of your trip. You never know when we might get rain, or an impromptu swimming session in Paluxy.

● OUTER GARMENTS: Waterproof rain jacket, preferable lightweight and packable layer for changing weather conditions. We recommend quick-drying synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, etc. Long-sleeved, quick drying fishing shirts, pants and shorts.

● UNDERGARMENTS (Winter): Long underwear, top and bottom, at least one pair. Mid-weight, quick drying is most versatile. For cold weather and water, use heavy weight underwear or fleece garments under breathable waders.

● FOOTWEAR: Sandals for float fishing. Neoprene booties or socks. River shoe with good grip and toe protection. Non-cotton socks. 


We want to make your trip as enjoyable as possible; please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have. We will see you in the water.


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